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I'm 56 yo with a very serious genetic blood disorder since birth. In spite of acute severe pain episodes and chronic damage to many organs, I have a degree in clinical lab science and worked 28 years in my field at two of the top hospitals in the country.

I've also have training and experience in medical billing and coding. My entire adult life I've had to deal with my own medical insurers, and constant troubleshooting of my numerous medical bills, pharmacy and specialty pharmacy bills. I had Anthem Medicare for years since I was placed on disability. The extremely expensive specialty med I've been taking since 2006 was distributed to me by Curascript without any hassles or problem.

Then in 2014 Anthem/Express Scripts decided to change specialty pharmacy to Accredo (or merged Curascript with Accredo as I was once told by Express Scripts). As soon as Accredo took over, the nightmare began. I 35 years I've dealt with all kinds of problems with my medical care and with working in the healthcare field. However, ACCREDO IS BY FAR THE MOST INCOMPETENT organization I've ever dealt with in healthcare.

From the first month they took over my specialty medication dispensing and delivery, there were problems; first with getting the prescription receipt even acknowledged and even acknowledgement that I was an Anthem customer; getting the script filled and shipped; then harassed with repeated robo calls from Accredo that they could not seem to shut off; billing errors and not billing my prescription assistance correctly. When speaking to customer service it seemed like I was talking to people who don't have a high school diploma or any training in customer service, or how the processes of the company work. They transferred me repeatedly to other people, and all of them had a different answer to the same question. I felt personally cursed, until I investigated Accredo and saw the overwhelming number of complaints from others for many years.

Accredo was involved in class-action litigation by their stockholders, and the stockholders won their suit. There needs to be a class action filed against Accredo for the customers.

First, I think all these customers need to file complaints with the Pharmacy Boards in their state's, and copy the complaint to their state legislators and state Attorneys General. This has to be stopped.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Accredo not allowed to handle any pharmaceutical distribution, up to and including FDA shutting them down. .

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