Muleshoe, Texas
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Medco called me to sign up with them and I was told that one of my scripts (procrit) which was $100 for a 30 day supply would be $100 for a 90 day supply. I am a kidney transplant patient and have approximately 16+ prescriptions that I transferred over to Medco.

No real savings on the most of the others except for two. When it came time to fill my script for the procrit I am told it would only be for 30 days. The original lady that told me it would be a 90 day supply checked four different references and assured me I would be getting 90 days for $100. Called several times and dealt with customer service reps that would put me on hold while I waited for a supervisor.

Finally talked to supervisor who was clueless and she said she would transfer me to her supervisor Cecilia Wilson. Ms. Wilson was in a meeting and would call me back in two hours. Seven hours later she calls and leaves message stating that she would be in the next day.

Called next day and left message. No call back. Call the next day and finally got through to "management". I explain to her that this medication is necessary for my well being and with out it I will be in need of a blood transfusion and if that happens Medco gets to write to the check for it.

Tell her to cancel all my prescriptions and she wants to go ahead and mail out my 30 day supply for $100. I explain that I am not paying them another dime and to transfer all of my prescriptions back to my local pharmacy. She can do this but any refills revert back to Medco. I tell her thats not gonna happen and that she needs to reverse everything back to the way it originally was and she says they are not capable of doing that and that it only works one way.

We'll see what happens. Litigation may straighten them out

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