I've been taking a medication for years and all of a sudden, they would't fill it with a prior authorization. They will only give me 90 pills every 65 days instead of what my Dr.

ordered. I have NO medication left and must wait until it can be approved, which involves my Dr. calling, filling out detailed health report, and then waiting for their decision. In the meantime, I will be without my medication.

It is over $500 a month if I pay for it myself.

They switched me to a nurse to see what the side effects would be for NOT taking it and she told me there are a lot of bad side effects and I should NOT go without them!..........but they wont pay.

Very bad customer service and they should NOT tell patients to "do without" when I've taken it for years.

Very upset and disappointed in this company. I will keep trying to complain and wait without my medication.

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Do you know what a PBM is? Medco is a PBM a Pharmacy Benifits Manager.

We process the prescriptions for multiple prescription plans. With that being said, what we CAN and CANNOT process, is at the sole descretion of what YOUR prescription plan dictates to us.

For example, if YOUR plan says it will only reimburse the pharmacy for 30 pills every 30 days, that is all Medco is allowed to process at that time. It sounds like to me, your issue is with your PLAN, and not Medco.I would advise you find out the appeals process for your plan, and appeal the benifit design with them directly.


I had the exact same problem on Nov 1, 2011. I could only get 45 of 90 pills for my son.

My doctor was able to get an override, but I am being denied a refill.

He has been on this dosage for over a year. It seems to take me 4 hours to deal with getting a prescription filled anymore.

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