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I signed up with Medco autofill - give them your credit card # and if you have a current Rx they will be sure you don't run out - refils are autoprocessed charging your credit card. Good idea?

I think it is, BUTT, if your Dr. Faxes an Rx, to Medco in your name, for any reason, renewal, change, or just a mistake...guess what? If you have autofill, Medco pounces on it and fills it if they can, charging your credit card.

This is a fraudulent practice since the Dr's Fax, ordered the drug but you get charged and worse, if the amount is wrong, the Rx is wrong - YOU cannot return the drugs for credit.

Even if you've bowed out of get whammied anyways since they put the orders in a *** for later processing which doesn't check if you've bowed out. Sorry sucker, you played by our rules and take your medicine! Pull your credit card from their files and go back to paper.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I can't believe the state district attorney's are letting Medco operate the way they do. I never authorized Medco to auto charge my credit card.

Yet they did it on their own.

I even called and requested that they put a hold on my medicine. It's my basic right as a consumer, to make purchases only when I want to. Medco ignored everything.

They suggested I just throw it away, because it’s not worth the agony trying to get my money back. Amazing!!!


Another thing you have to be careful of - they record every single payment method you make through their website (even if you "delete" the method, Medco still has it), and when you order something, they will immediately start cycling through your payment methods to try to get one approved. My wife and I had to deal with a couple of NSF fee's because Medco decided to do a draft (a method we hadn't used in almost a year), even though they had our correct debit card info on file.

We had to call them and demand they remove our checking account info from their records... Just an FYI...

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