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I have been trying to get an approved RX from my Dr. Filled from ExpressScrpits for 4 months now. 5 or 6 calls later, (with being on hold up to 45 minutes at a time. iT WAS PROMISED FINALLY THAT IT OWULD BE EXPEDITED. That was yesterday. I come in today - 2 letters from them. Now they have decided they must spek with my dr. to review my medications that I take before they will ok this RX????WHAT???? I didn't give them permission to speak to my doctor. They are NOT doctors and have no business sharing any of my medical information to a doctor that I have not given permission to.

It was just another way to NOT pay for this particular RX...They denied it 4 times...Finally approved. So instead of EXPEDITING like they promised, we are back again to NO DATE AND NO APPROVAL. I was so made, I said, forget it my RX. I'll freaken die before I use you again. I told them after that I took my blood pressure and it was up 150/105 and suggested that maybe they thought it was funny to see if they could give me a heart attack or a stroke. I've taken this med for a year now, and have had no other medicines added from anyone else for over 2 years now...

I just told them - calcel that RX. Cancel everything in your system. I absolutely refuse to deal with you again. No pill is worth it. If I keel over, I've kept your notes over 4 months, and YOU can deal with it, but I'M done with your incompetence and God-Like attitude. You are a pharmacy. Worse, you are a commodity group that goes out to all different places for cheap prices. Not sure of the quality since you never know where it comes from.

I am truly wondering if I can sue them for severe stress

Product or Service Mentioned: Medco Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1191378

This company is awful! Every time a refill prescription is called in by my doctor they say they didn't get, literally every time!

The doctor confirms that they called it in but no Medco didn't get it. Yah right. I wait for days and weeks to get it. They tell me to get a short term supply from Walgreens which I do and I have it in hours.

I just can't say enough negative things about them.

Terrible, lousy, slow, don't care, rotten.....add additional. If you have any options to use someone else, do it!

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