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Starting in 7-20014 put in an order for Cellcept. Was told need form filled out for payment from medicare.

faxed over to Nephroligest. Took untill 1-1-20015 by Maximus which is a sub contractor of Medicare. It took me a total of 35 hrs on documented calls to express RX, Medicare and Maximus to get this resolved. I went on Express RX on facebook and posted some of my documentation.

Got an email that night to verify who I was and got a phone call to straighten this mess out a few days later. They have nationwide call centers to folks who are trying to earn a living but have very limited resources of capability to resolve these issues.

Thje BBB got a formal complint about it also.

Reason of review: Got it resolved by persitance and publisity.

  • Medco complaint
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