I am on a controlled substance which is refilled by Medco. The customer service rep informed me I still had 1 refill and processed my order.he was unaware that the prescription actually ran out .

The pharmacy was supposed to call me . I waited 6 days for my refill unaware that it could not be refilled and never received a call. When I called to find out the status they gave me this information. I am now off the meds for 24 hours because of them and not feeling very good.

The service is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!! One hand doesn't know what the other is doing

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They talk you into doing mail-order with them rather than with your pharmacist and then proceed to do what they can to not fill prescriptions. They make your doctor call THEM and then make your doctor wait in a holding pattern on the phone.

Any employer that uses Medco is essentially NOT providing employees with a benefit; my choice at times is to pay full retail out of my own pocket in order to fill a prescription in a timely manner. Medco is nothing but a scam on both employers and employees.


If there was a Boss that should go undercover it should be Medco's CEO.

I have been on the same medication for years. medco took over our prescription plan over 11/2 years ago.

they haven't gotten it right since.

My last conversation with the " Service Rep's only got my Blood Pressure up. I find it a shame their people are as harmless as they are.

Needles to say I will go somewhere else for my prescriptions.

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