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Clearly, Accredo/Medco has a consistent approach underway.Their approach is to hassle patients and not deliver expensive drugs to needy people.

I'm sure that some patients give up and use other insurance options. This makes Accredo look like a wonderful cost improvement option.

I am working with an attorney on a class-action approach. However, my attorney is not an expert in class-action options.

Does anyone have a relationship that will help us go after these unethical people?

For comic relief you should know that Accredo arbitrarily cancelled my prescription because my physician did not respond within 5 days confirming his prescription for my needed Humira.At the same time, Accredo mailed me a government notice confirming that my doctor had 45 days to respond!!


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I am on board with filing an Accredo class action suit. Their ability to stand in the way of customer care and medical necessity is unmatched.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #940566

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.I had a change in insurance and called them 3 weeks in advance to notify of this change before I needed my meds refilled.

I was told this would take about a week, which was fine since that would still leave me with 2 weeks supply. I was told to call back in 3 days time. I waited and gave them an extra day and called on the 4th day. I was told, the new insurance was still not showing and they could do nothing.

After another week I was finally told that the insurance was straight and they would be shipped to me on 01/31/15. Of course that date came and went. I called them on 02/02/15, and was told, that "oh no" we just got approval and now they will be shipped out on 02/03 and you "should" receive them on 02/04. At this point I have been out of my medications for HIV for a week now, and I really do not believe my medications will show up as promised for the 3rd time by these liars.

My spouse went thru the exact same thing two weeks earlier due to a drug change.That also took him 3 weeks to get corrected.

to REW Durham, North Carolina, United States #1098737

I am in the same boat.I have been trying to get my HIV medication refiled since 1/14/16.

Last refil was 12/22/15 and they are saying and have been saying since 1/14/16 that refill is to early. Not available to ship until 2/7/16. The prescription is a 30 day prescription and I cant refill until 2/7/16. I have never been early refilling.

I have refilled a couple days past there notice to refill even. So I have been late, not early. I have been out of medication for a couple days and it looks as though i won't be getting it anytime soon. By the time I receive the next shipment around 2/10/16 or after, I will be without for 26 days.

Unbelievable. I am at a loss and am tired of being past around. Accredo says it is Express Scripts denying the claim and Express Scripts says it is Accredo. I wish there was some way to sue over this.

I was told there is nothing more they can do and to call back when I am able to refill.In the meantime I will be building up resistance to Atripla.

Monroe, North Carolina, United States #866961

I cannot believe the incompetence of this company!You cannot trust anything they tell you over the phone.

Is there a governing body where I can file a formal complaint?

I'll contact you about that class action.This company should be put out of business.

Chatham, Illinois, United States #860500

I am working on finding a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against Accredo.My name is Janice Kay Logan.

You may contact me at jkl.dosar@gmail.com with CLASS ACTION in the subject line.

I will provide you with my phone numbers so that we may talk personally.I am taking Enbrel and am having major trouble with Accredo.


I am having a similar issue with the same med for 2 months now.


Express Scripts / Accredo is playing a sick game with people that desperately need medicine.We have spent hours trying to clear their mess-ups - often times the same mistake magically reappears.

We have spoken with one incompetent employee/supervisor after another. We have had medicine withheld because we "owed them too much money" even though the owed amount was a mistake on their part. They must survive because they low ball their way in and then NOT deliver on service.

They are the epitome of incompetence.

BTW, it turns out these "two" companies are co-located.


My grandfather has gone without two major meds he relies on because they simply were not delivered.Two weeks without pills he takes twice a day!

The assisted living nurse ordered them 3 weeks in advance and this useless company couldn't deliver them on time? The worst part of this is that his insurance was switched to Coventry and they FORCE exclusive use of Express scripts so we do not even have an option to run to the pharmacy and pick them up ourselves.

So very wrong.If there is a lawsuit against Express or Coventry-we are in and have many others ready to join!

Pasadena, Texas, United States #776457

The same thing is going on with me with this *** specialty pharmacy called health scripts i already told them i dont want the medicine because i refuse to giveegive my credit card info over phone to a *** 1877 number with an *** with some meds that they claim cant be picked up from my pharmacy walgreens this place harassing me doesnt even have a local number.since telling them i dont need the medicine if i cabt get from walgreens this private health scripts place continues blowing up my phone

Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States #776416

Does anyone know of any groups who will take on Accredo?Can we set up a Facebook page titled Accredo Sucks?

We could post our experiences and turn them into the TN Dept. of Health for their incompetence and blatant disregard for their patients (customers) health and well-being. I will call my Dr. tomorrow.

Anyone speak to their doctor about Accredo's incompetence?


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