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Does anyone know where/to whom formal complaints can be filed? FDA?

These types of companies must somehow be regulated.

Medco is by far the most ridiculous operation I've encountered in my entire life. Not isolated instances, constant refusal to fill prescriptions after instructions/prior authorizations have been filed by my doctor over and over again. they keep apologizing for the "inconvenience", however they refuse to fill the prescription after we keep following their own instructions. Also they refuse to research where they made their error.

I've demanded over and over that they review the "recorded calls", but they will not even address this request. I've wasted hours trying to straighten out but it's the same run-around either by phone or email. How is this the largest of these types of companies in the US? Why are employers continuing to use them when the complaints by employees are overwhelming?

I just don't get it.

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Thanks Jayembee for all the information! I will definitely start doing some research on the links you provided and hopefully get some satisfaction.

Thanks again!

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