I placed a refill order on 6/11 for xalatin(3 month supply), advised $199.03 to be charged to credit card on file. Today(6/25/12) received generic lantropost ($30.00/3month, wish I could use this).

I called Medco and yes they saw in my file that I stated(even in writing) that I had a reaction to generic but not flagged by their agent, so call placed to my doc to see if less expensive meds(who is paying more for this, ME) can be used and he said yes. As of today, xalatin cost $252.00/3 months, think I am entitled to $199.03 for this refill, unfornately they don't ,

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Ask the medco representatives that you talk to (especially in the prior authorization department) if they work for apac customer services......google the two names apac pays people around nine dollars an hour to take medco calls


Whoever gets their rx at mail away gets what they pay for. *** Service.

These people undercut prices to get the volume, but service can not match an independant pharmacy


Express scripts, medco mail order, whichever facility or warewhose u get ur rxs mailed from do not care if u overpaid or whcih generic u get because to them ur just a number, a revenue stream, big business for big ceo pay. Next time u dont want a hassle go to ur long time neighborhood pharmacy.

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