Humana & Cerdian both say I'm all paid up .I pay 605 dollars per month ! Medco still won't make my perscription card as active.

I need & want what I pay for. I've been playing Medco game now for 4 days. I want my meds. now.

Medco keeps putting the blame on Humana & Cerdian, but the both say to change my statis as active. What's the hold up ? Certain has already e-mailed Medco twice but of course Medco hasn't received anything.

Someone from Medco needs to help me now !! If anyone can help me please do so now

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Medco handles your drug processing for your plan but can only follow rules set up by your plan. If your plan says a drug is not covered, medco shows that drug is not covered.

If your plan wants to charge you a certain copay for a medication, medco makes sure that is the copay you are responsible for.

If your plan does not send us active account information for you, we will not show you as being active. If your plan is telling you that you are active, they need to tell Medco that as well.


I have worked at Medco for over a year. If you are listed as not active, Medco was correct in telling you that it is up to your Insurance Provider to submit any information regarding your account.

They will need to submit an "Eligibility Update". I know sometimes companies only submit updates or changes every 2 weeks. Others send them more frequently. I do know that as soon as the update is sent to Medco it USUALLY updates in real time.

There are instances where it may take up to 48 hours.

You'll need to call your insurance and request to speak to the Accounts Manager of Eligibility. I hope this helps you out, and on behalf of Medco, I sincerely apologize...I don't know what I would do if I wasn't able to get my medication, and I know it's very frustrating!

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